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Day 5

In your own space, share something non-fannish you are passionate about with your fannish friends. Leave a comment in this post saying you did it. Include a link to your post if you feel comfortable doing so.

Photography. I love taking pictures, so much.

I like it gritty and colourful, or smooth and black and white, I love it when you can see imperfections.

I love situational photography (nature photography too), when you just happen to be at the right place at the right time, the light right there and the way those two are standing is just right. I love it when a photo isn't planned or better yet, when no one even knew a photo was being taken, fly-on-the-wall photography. It can be funny, sad and so, so beautiful.

People don't act the same way when a camera is turned on them, no matter if you tell them to pretend you're not there, because they will always try to show the best version of themselves - stand just so to look slimmer, give you their best angle. I despise it with a passion, but I'd be a hypocrite if I said I didn't do the same, so I understand it.

At parties I'm always the default photographer, and while I take a lot of photos of people hugging and smiling at the camera, just as many are at awkward angles, trying to capture people whilst unaware. Those are the photos I keep for myself, because to them, it's "Oh no, you can see my double chin," or "I hate it when I smile with my teeth showing," but to me, it's beautiful.

We live in a world where perfection is a must, which is why imperfection is a must for my photography. I love wrinkles and freckles, I love crooked teeth and wonky smiles, I love people with shapes, all sizes, all colours, all different. Photography wouldn't be fun otherwise. It's about me tricking people into showing the real version of themselves, no matter how much they hate it.

My personal rule: A perfect picture is usually one full of flaws. So suck it up and look pretty with all your imperfections.

There are no limits to photography, I love to explore crazy new ways to expose and play with light. It never gets old, because only your imagination can limit what you create.

For me, it's a very personal practise, a form of meditation and I rarely share, because well... I actually have no idea.

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