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It took me almost double the time to do just this simple sketch because my tablet is being difficult and may be on it's way out, I'm still not decided. It's never played up like this before, I mean, there's this strip across the surface (about an inch high and the entire width of the tablet) that sort of just appeared one day and it repels my pen point and the line I'm drawing. It's driving me up the wall, mostly because I feel like this shouldn't be happening already. I've been so careful with it and though I've had my tablet now for more than two years, I've only really used it for one. And I'd totally be fine with the fault if the strip wasn't smack-bang right in the middle of the board, getting in the way of literally every stroke I make. Buying a new one is going to be $600 that I don't have ATM, so I've kinda been forced to go back to traditional doodling again, which is not such a bad thing, but still, my tablet. /o\

Moving on.

So, the weirdest things seem to be triggering my muse lately and they're like a song stuck in your head, they won't go away unless you sing along, or in my case, draw what is stuck in my mind like a repetitive GIF. This is one of those muses.

Rating: Pg
Warning: Cross-dressing
Fandom: The Losers/Star Trek
Character: Cougar dressed as Uhura
Notes: Inspired by this fic here. When I got to the part where Jensen hands out the Star Trek costumes I was all ahahaha, she's going to make Aisha dress up as Uhura because both characters are played by Zoe Zaldana, cool cool - but instead Cougar get's to be the girl, and then my mind just broke. It's been awhile since I drew full-on cross-dressing and not very well if I remember correctly. Trying to put a guy in a female costume can be tricky, especially when the masculine features kind of slip away when going through the fanart machine (pet peeve SO MUCH). I wanted to see if I could find the balance of guy, dressing up as a chick, but still looking good and the way Cougar is described in the fic. I think I did alright.

And the coloured version, because my muse hates me.

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