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Hi guys, sorry for the prolonged silence. I've just moved from one country to another and getting my bearings is harder than I remember it being.

So, remember this post? Well, I always planned on making a Jensen version of the shadow!Cougar, and I've had it half finished in my folder for ages. So, on a muse high from the Ante-Up Bang going over at DW, I finished it up and wanted to share. I'm afraid it is a meagre offering for such a long absence, but soon there will be lots of art, I swear!

On a side note: I'm still wondering if I should do the whole team, originally I only wanted to do Cougar and Jensen, but we'll see.

on to the art... )

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IDEK anymore guys, I seem to be drawing weird things as of late :D

Click at your own risk of fruit and Jensen )

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[livejournal.com profile] pistolbunny is, without a doubt, one of the coolest most amazing people I've ever talked to in any fandom. She makes me want to draw all the arts for her and for the Losers fandom.

Title: Marked
Rating: Pg-13
Warning: Shirtless-ness
Notes: Inspired by Pistol's We Know How It Works (the world is no longer mysterious) Losers fic. If you haven't read it, then I have no idea what you're even doing here.

To my muse, all for you bby <3 )

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I was watching Apocalypto the other day (awesome movie, go see it) in which the titular character is called Jaguar Paw, or Jaguar for short, who is seven types of awesome and sneaky and really fucking bad-ass. And because my mind hasn't been out of the Losers gutter for a while, I came to Jaguar = Cougar as a conclusion. And then I watched Disney's El Dorado shortly after which didn't help me any.

And it made me realise:

I need the AU fic where Cougar is a native. Like a The Losers/El Dorado crossover (omg *dies*)

only madness lies ahead! And pretty art :D )

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I'm trying to decide if living on lentils and water for the next month is worth getting a new tablet. It's starting to look appealing. Been trying to draw things that don't need the entire surface of my tablet, but it's not really working the way I want it to - the tablet is meant for full-screen interaction so I end up spending just as much time trying to navigate my way to a usable part of the surface as I do drawing. And I can forget about any chance to draw anything detailed right now, close-ups take up too much space on the screen. ARGH, I don't know what to do. /o\

There's still some life left in my baby (though very little patience left in me) and I've done some doodles as I try to convince myself that my tablet is organic and will most likely heal itself somehow (please?).

because even his silhouette is bad-ass... )

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It took me almost double the time to do just this simple sketch because my tablet is being difficult and may be on it's way out, I'm still not decided. It's never played up like this before, I mean, there's this strip across the surface (about an inch high and the entire width of the tablet) that sort of just appeared one day and it repels my pen point and the line I'm drawing. It's driving me up the wall, mostly because I feel like this shouldn't be happening already. I've been so careful with it and though I've had my tablet now for more than two years, I've only really used it for one. And I'd totally be fine with the fault if the strip wasn't smack-bang right in the middle of the board, getting in the way of literally every stroke I make. Buying a new one is going to be $600 that I don't have ATM, so I've kinda been forced to go back to traditional doodling again, which is not such a bad thing, but still, my tablet. /o\

Moving on.

Cougar is cross dressing, IDEK anymore )

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A sketch that I started but only just finished - inspired by one of [livejournal.com profile] delicatale 's fics. I don't remember which one (how embarrassing). Plus, this coincides with Day 7 of the Snowflake Challenge, in which she wished for art. Well, that I can do.

I'm so proud, no seriously. )

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For [livejournal.com profile] greatdemongem

Two of her original characters:

Reia Yanez )


Jacob Penbook )

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Hope you like! )
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Okay, I've gotten into the art media of watercolour! It's brilliant and so beautiful! This is what I did practising on colouring my actual drawings while I was bored!

They're really fun to do, but it takes a helluva lot of time! I think I'll do another in different colours.


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RIGHT, back into drawing again, must catch up on all the months I haven't touched a pen or pencil.

I haven't actually thought of my 2008 resolutions. Usually they'd say, loose 15kg, paint the house, stop using so much money and so on, but I know I will never accomplish them (too lazy I suppose) and they'd just go on to be my 2009 resolutions instead. Guess I must think of them along the way (some that I can actually do).  


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