zoronoa: (Cougar)
zoronoa ([personal profile] zoronoa) wrote2012-02-28 10:03 pm

ART: The Losers - Cougar

So, I can basically wave goodbye to any WIP I have going that is not related to The Losers fandom. It's one of those fandom flings that just grew out of proportion and settled itself nicely in the part of my brain labelled attention span. All I want right now is to draw Cougar (Losers) fanart.

Title: N/A (a practise study of Cougar's face)
Rating: pg
Warnings: None
Notes: Teal, man. I have some of the most random conversations with [livejournal.com profile] pistolbunny and she prods at my fickle muse something fierce. So this, this is her fault. Entirely. As will most of the things I post in the near future. /o\

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