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IDEK anymore guys, I seem to be drawing weird things as of late :D

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So, I can basically wave goodbye to any WIP I have going that is not related to The Losers fandom. It's one of those fandom flings that just grew out of proportion and settled itself nicely in the part of my brain labelled attention span. All I want right now is to draw Cougar (Losers) fanart.

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I was watching Apocalypto the other day (awesome movie, go see it) in which the titular character is called Jaguar Paw, or Jaguar for short, who is seven types of awesome and sneaky and really fucking bad-ass. And because my mind hasn't been out of the Losers gutter for a while, I came to Jaguar = Cougar as a conclusion. And then I watched Disney's El Dorado shortly after which didn't help me any.

And it made me realise:

I need the AU fic where Cougar is a native. Like a The Losers/El Dorado crossover (omg *dies*)

only madness lies ahead! And pretty art :D )

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So, this happened, and then this happened through no fault of my own. I got totally side-tracked from the porn and ended up drawing the most random shit ever. I'm so confused as to how I got here instead of porn, I really am, it's not even funny. [livejournal.com profile] sirona_gs (and [livejournal.com profile] foxxcub too) IDEK what to say except this is kinda what I imagined would/could/should happen after/during that scene... enjoy?

Title: N/A
Rating: pg-13
Pairing: Phil/Clint (implied)
Note: This is almost too lame, but I couldn't help myself, forgive me .The entire scene was inspired by this pic of Mr Smith and his boy-band of super evil agents, because with the hair and the glasses and the suits and ALL THE REASONS. And I squeezed in an extra guy, because Nick-MF-Fury cannot be the only badass black dude around. THIS WILL MAKE EVEN LESS SENSE IF YOU HAVEN'T READ THIS HERE.

because I fail at humor, but try anyway... )


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