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I'm trying to decide if living on lentils and water for the next month is worth getting a new tablet. It's starting to look appealing. Been trying to draw things that don't need the entire surface of my tablet, but it's not really working the way I want it to - the tablet is meant for full-screen interaction so I end up spending just as much time trying to navigate my way to a usable part of the surface as I do drawing. And I can forget about any chance to draw anything detailed right now, close-ups take up too much space on the screen. ARGH, I don't know what to do. /o\

There's still some life left in my baby (though very little patience left in me) and I've done some doodles as I try to convince myself that my tablet is organic and will most likely heal itself somehow (please?).

I've had a, uh, volatile relationship with Jock's art since I read The Losers comic. Honestly, I really fucking hated it in the beginning, I couldn't stand the messy lines and the huge amount of black blocky shadows everywhere - almost didn't buy the comic because of it. But of course it grew on me and I found myself really impressed, Jock has an amazing sense of layout and motion in his works, despite the rough drawings. Admittedly, there were phases in the artwork where Jock'd had really bad days or an assistant artist had taken over (Downtime Arc in book one and another in book two) and I'd let out a breath of relief once the art was back to normal.

I've tried to copy his style (can't be that hard) and it is so much harder than it looks. At first I thought it might be a way to cut corners, if you can just cover half the face or body in shadow it'd save you a hell of a lot of work for sure. To some extent, I guess there is a bit of truth in that, but to use it as effectively as Jock does - to apply such large amounts of black shadowing requires you to know how to make a character recognisable as a silhouette or a partially covered face/body and to make it work. Jock is the master of that, hands down.

And while this was really fun to do, I almost broke my brain trying not to nitpick at uneven lines and correct faults, the fact that Jock seems to incorporate and work around mistakes on top of being really damn fast (as far as I've heard), I've got to hand it to him. This may look like the product of five minutes altogether, it took so much longer, let me tell you!

Disclaimer: This character does not belong to me, nor am I making any money from this.

Tried to mix Jock's comic style with Oscar Jaenada as Cougar.

Seriously, I cannot fucking even. I love Cougar so much, it's not even funny. This was referenced from this screencap.

I also realised that every time I'm drawing I'm listening to Midnight City by M83. It is the best muse song ever and works miracles when going to the gym. Magic music is what it is.

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